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Highland Park

Old Los Angeles with a Modern Twist


One of the most notable features of the neighborhood is the abundance of California craftsman homes that can be seen on almost every street. Dating back to the Arts & Crafts movement of the 1920s, the "California Bungalow" style of homes feature covered porches with deep roof overhangs that provide shade and comfort for everyone. 


In recent years, Highland Park has also become a great location for shopping and entertainment. With a plethora of new shops and restaurants popping up along the area known as "Downtown Figueroa", Highland Park has seen a dramatic increase in nightlife activity such as live music and festivals. Whether you're feeling a burrito or some ramen, Highland Park has everything you need within a short walking distance.


Known for its trendy shops and artistic community, Highland Park is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles today. Originally founded in 1794, Highland Park is one of Los Angeles' oldest neighborhoods and features an incredibly diverse community that is proud of its heritage.

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